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Woogle4MediaWiki comes as an Extension replacing MediaWiki's build in search (test it in this Wiki!). There is a native PHP implementation for searching the Wiki only (WoogleNative) and an implementation for searching various source via an Integrated Search backend from within your MediaWiki (WoogleRemote).

For additional information, you might want to see these presentation slides. There is also a description of Woogle in the mediawiki.org extension directory.


Online Demo

The whole TeamWeaver site (i.e. the search in this Wiki) is running Woogle and allows you to search this Wiki, our SVN and JIRA. For testing the Woogle interface, either use the Search box on top of this page, or go to Special:Woogle. You can access the same data with the Integrated Search standard Web frontend online demo.

We have also set up a separate Woogle demo wiki which is rebuildt every night and thus allows you to experiment with it. You can access it at: http://amazonas.fzi.de/wooglenative/


Woogle4MediaWiki is now available for download under GPL license in version 1.0.0 (RC2). We consider the basic functionality rather stable and capable to serve productive systems. Woogle has been successfully tested recently with MediaWiki versions 1.15.3, 1.16.0b2 and 1.17.0alpha (r63248). Prior in development, Woogle was running fine with MW 1.11 and beyond. For details see our compability notes.

Download links:

You may want to subscribe the announcement mailinglist to learn about future versions.

Note that Woogle is Open Source software developed in a research environment. We are thus constantly seeking interested organizations using MediaWiki who would like to collaborate with us evaluating Woogle and related extensions in their environment.


Source code

The Woogle source code can be obtained from https://waves1.fzi.de/svn/waves/trunk/Woogle4MediaWiki/ (user/pass: "anonymous"). To check out the recent development version from SVN execute this at your command line:

svn co https://waves1.fzi.de/svn/waves/trunk/Woogle4MediaWiki/ --username anonymous --password anonymous

You can safely delete the content of Woogle4MediaWiki/addons/Instrumentation and one of Woogle4MediaWiki/addons/Native or Woogle4MediaWiki/addons/Remote (depending on if you prefer WoogleNative or WoogleRemote).

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