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The TeamWeaver build infrastructure is based on Apache Maven.

To create binaries for a certain TeamWeaver bundle call "mvn install" in its root directory (the one containing the pom.xml file).


Useful stuff

Arbitry/popular maven commands

  • Create project
    • mvn archetype:create ...
  • Building
    • mvn package (compile to create local build artifact)
    • mvn install (mvn package plus install to local maven repository)
    • mvn deploy (mvn install plus deploy to public maven repository)
  • Release
    • mvn release prepare
    • mvn release perform
  • Manage repository
    • mvn install:install-file
    • mvn deploy:deploy-file
  • Eclipse
    • mvn eclipse:eclipse (generate Eclipse .project files etc. for a maven project
    • mvn eclipse:clean (remove Eclipse .project files etc
  • Other
    • mvn clean (remove build artifacts)
    • mvn javadoc:javadoc (generate javadoc)
    • mvn jetty:run


  • Maven gets me a Java OutOfMemory Exception
    • Increase heap space by setting the environment variable "MAVEN_OPTS" to e.g. "-Xmx1024m -Xms512m"