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This page provides a list of frequently asked querstions concerning TeamWeaver Integrated Search (TeamWeaverIS) from the perspective of different roles.

If you have additional questions not yet satisfied here, edit the "talk" discussion page on top of this page, see our support page, use Special:WoogleFeedback or contact us directly.


Decider questions

What can TeamWeaverIS do? Is it suited for my particular problem setting?

see decider manual

How does TeamWeaverIS relate/compare to other search solutions (e.g. Lucene)?

see decider manual

What user interfaces exist for TeamWeaverIS?

The TeamWeaverIS search backend comes with a plain browser-based frontend. Also, MediaWiki can be used as a search frontend if our extension Woogle4MediaWiki is used (WoogleRemote option). Addtional user interfaces have been implemented for the Eclipse IDE/Eclipse RCP and for Apple Macintosh.

Since the backend exposes its functionality as webservices, this allows you to build your own frontend resp. to integrate TeamWeaverIS in your application.

Where can I see a demo site running TeamWeaverIS?

The search in this Wiki is accessing a TeamWeaverIS backend via the Woogle4MediaWiki UI. A demo of the plain browser UI is running at

How much effort/expertise is required to set up TeamWeaverIS in my environment?

see decider manual

How does TeamWeaverIS perform/which data volumes are supported/which hardware is required?

see decider manual

Which data sources can be crawled by TeamWeaverIS?

see Integrated Search/Supported data sources

Is there commercial support for TeamWeaverIS?

As a research instution, we currently do not offer explicit commercial support for our tools. However, depending on your problem setting, we might assist you on a project basis or direct you to one of our partner companies which might be able to offer long-term support. Contact us for further information.

Administrator questions


User questions


Developer questions

How can I crawl additional data sources not yet supported by TeamWeaverIS?

see Integrated Search/How to write a custom crawler

How can I contribute to TeamWeaver development?

If you would like to help us improving TeamWeaver or work on own ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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